Bigg Boss 15 3rd October 2021 updates

Bigg Boss 15 3rd october 2021

Written update for Bigg Boss 15 Day 2: Ranveer takes hosting tips from Salman, and Umar and Pratik get into a fight
I enjoyed watching the latest episode of Bigg Boss 15. Pratik Sehajpal and Umar Riaz sparred as Mouni Roy introduced the BB OTT contestants.

This Sunday was the Bigg Boss 15 Grand Premiere night, and OTT finalists were welcomed on stage by Salman Khan. Mouni Roy gave a scintillating performance in the BB house during this episode. In an October 2 premiere, the actor welcomed the contestants of Bigg Boss 15. “Jungle Mein Dangal” is the theme of Bigg Boss 15. Prior to entering the BB house, viewers will witness the contestants living in the jungle and competing for basic amenities.

BB OTT contestants Shamita, Nishant, and Pratik were introduced by Salman Khan on the October 3 episode of Bigg Boss 15. Shamita was bluffed by Raqesh about her relationship with the actor. On “BB OTT,” Nishant mentioned being the runner-up. During this time, Pratik had told Salman he’d always wanted to share the stage with him.

Shamita and Nishant were rivals during the BB 15 show. In BB OTT, the choreographer said Shamita was wrong on a lot of things. He said she is biased and wants control over everything. Obviously, the actress didn’t agree with him. Pratik isn’t arrogant like people interpret him to be, he also said.

In the jungle, the Big G gave a scroll to Donal and Ishan. The two had to decide on their nomination in the first week. Bigg Boss 15 can be entered only when they have made their decisions. It was Ishan who did the nominating after much discussion.

As the 13 contestants entered the BB house, Bigg Boss welcomed them. A past BB contestant also discussed how they performed well and took the show to new heights. Each contestant is told that he or she must find a way to enter Bigg Boss 15 on their own.

A song played Chahe Mujhe Koi Junglee woke the housemates up. On their first morning inside the BB15 house, the contestants danced their hearts out.

The fight between Umar Riaz and Donal and Ishaan continued. He seems to still be upset about Donal choosing Ieshaan over Umar for the survival task. Donal thought he was manipulative, which didn’t sit well with him.

As Mouni Roy stunned the crowd with her dance performance to the song Raat Ka Nasha, The Bigg Boss 15 contestants gathered in the jungle area. She performed with flair and was enthusiastically praised by the contestants.

Nevertheless, Mouni had come to the house with a special assignment. As part of the first impressions game, she met the contestants from BB 15. Contestants were asked to share their first impressions of them. Afsana Khan and Tejasswi got into a verbal spat over food when they completed the task.

Vidhi, Ishan, and Donal all ended up on the losing side. Despite not being Mouni’s favorite contestants, he asked them to clean the house. In the morning, Mouni invited BB OTT contestants Shamita, Pratik, and Nishant in the house.

A special power awaited Nishant, Shamita, and Pratik when Bigg Boss welcomed them into the BB house. As opposed to all the other finalists, the three finalists of the BB OTT will be able to access the house and basic amenities. This will be their only chance to become captain. Furthermore, they do not need to worry about nominations. All 12 participants will do the same.

Immediately after the meeting began, Umar Riaz and Pratik engaged in an ugly argument. Then he asked Pratik why he was shivering and requested that he loosen up. A scream fest ensued between Pratik and Pratik after Pratik got offended. Vishal says that the fight was witnessed by the housemates, and they made a decision to get noticed by fighting.

Misha told Pratik that the other housemates teased them about being in a relationship. ‘I will not entertain such an attitude,’ he added. In addition, they discussed their friendship. “Pratika’s friendship is very falsified,” Maisha said. Apparently, Pratik attempted to contact her more than once.

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