Bigg Boss 15 4th October 2021 updates

Jay Bhanushali

Bigg Boss 15 4th October 2021 updates. This week on Bigg Boss 15, Jay and Pratik go head-to-head, and Afsana and Vidhi face off in the house.

Day 3 of Bigg Boss 1 was filled with arguments and fights. There were fights between Afsana Khan and Vidhi Pandya, Maisha and Pratik, and Jay Bhanushali and Pratik.

There was a lot of entertainment in Bigg Boss 15’s latest episode. The contestants’ troubles in the jungle have crept into the house as they settled into the house. It was expected that the contestants would fight. Last week the contestants fought and argued a lot.

There were tears in Meisha’s eyes. Vivial Kotian asked her, but she didn’t answer. Later, she said that the kitchen was taken over by Nishant and Tejasswi while she was working in the kitchen. When she was his friend at some point in the past, she felt bad for him.

Seeing gluten-free items for her, Nishant, and Pratik excited Shamita. It included butter, curd, and tomatoes. Despite only having one left, Tejasswi asks Karan Kundrra for a tomato. Karan Kundrra replies that they cannot take anything.

Pratik and Akasha are seen talking. Akasha’s tattoos are discussed. Neha Bhasin is heard being mentioned. The singer is praised. Shamita Shetty is seen mingling with Jay Bhanushali and other BB 15 contestants.

While Pratik prevented Meisha from entering the bathroom, she needed to change. The storeroom area was where she changed. After they argued, Meisha left. Akasa suggested they resolve their issues. They did not resolve their issues the day before Meisha tried to resolve them.

Later, Miesha told Pratik she should have not come to speak with him when she was changing clothes even though she asked him not to. Pratik said it wasn’t his intention to come to her while she was changing clothes. As he backed into the house he was forced to ask.

The next morning, housemates woke up to the song Bachke Rehna Re Baba from the film Pukar (1983).

Pratik was seen asking everyone in the gym area whose socks and towels were lying around. The thought of they were thrown in the pool was frightening to him. You can see him instructing people not to mess about. Those who were irked by Jay Bhanushali’s incessant shenanigans concerning the rules were Umar Riaz and Jay Bhanushali. Jay cautioned him about speaking in such a tone. Jay’s side was taken by Umar and Karan, while Pratik’s was taken by Nishant.

Everybody except for the essentials was required to turn in their belongings to Bigg Boss. He entrusted the OTT responsibilities to three contestants. Shamita and Nishant asked them to keep one pair of clothes and one pair of undergarments and submit the rest.

When Afsana interrupts the boys, they are discussing whether trimmers are indispensable. Vidhi told her she should not interrupt. When she saw Vidhi lash out at her, she was furious.

Following the ‘Bigg Boss’ command that all belongings but the essentials be turned in, a shouting match erupted between Afsana and Vidhi. Afsana lost her cool and started screaming at Vidhi as she hurried everyone to follow her order. I said as I yelled at her. Her tenacity had also made Vidhi lash out at Afsana, threatening to hit her if she didn’t calm down.


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