Bigg Boss 15 Day 5, 6th October Updates

Bigg Boss 15 Day 5 Written Update

In a fight with Shamita Shetty, Pratik Sehajpal yells at her

The Junglewasis caused a fight between Pratik Sehajpal and Shamita Shetty on Bigg Boss 15.
Unlike other reality shows, Bigg Boss’s fights are always interesting and the light moments are always funny. This year’s season of Bigg Boss 15 was hosted by Salman Khan and has been entertaining us since its premiere. TV reality show Jungle Mein Dangal is the theme for this year. There is a jungle that the contestants in Bigg Boss OTT live in, except for the contestants in Bigg Boss. Following the destruction of the Junglewasi house by Pratik Sehajpal, all Junglewasis were nominated. Pratik Sehajpal and Shamita Shetty had a heated argument on Day 5 of Bigg Boss 15.

Tejasswi Prakash flirted with Bigg Boss when the day began. She asked him to return her clothes by calling him her boyfriend. Furthermore, she claimed that her ‘baby’ has perfect abs and is flawless. She laughed when Jay Bhanushali jokingly told her that she had no control of her baby.

Rekha plays a magical tree, Vishwasuntree, which delights the female contestants of Bigg Boss by returning their makeup kits.

Tejasswi Prakash was happy to hear her ‘baby’ returned the makeup.

There is bound to be some talk about ghosts since the contestants are in a jungle. According to Afsana Khan, Shamita Shetty has an evil spirit inside her that wants to kiss her. This was laughed at by the contestants. The video also shows Afsana trying to carry Shamita.

During a kitchen-related dispute between Donal Bischt and Tejasswi Prakash, the two engaged in an ugly war of words. The subjects of the discussion were the foods they had prepared. Among their preferences was the food that Donald had prepared. She later broke down in tears, saying she would no longer make chapatis.

Bigg Boss gives special powers to OTT contestants, but the Junglewais are given basic amenities. It was sad for Shamita. Unlike the junglebasi, the housemates have access to plenty of food. Tejasswi said that she would make the food on her own, so she asked whether she should prepare it for them.

Bigg Boss sent Big G a letter while Junglebasi relaxed in the house.

As Ieeshaan Sehgal, Simba Nagpal, and Umar Riaz sat down and discussed their careers, they looked serious. According to Simba, they have just begun their careers and have a lot more to learn.

Karan Kundrra then spoke to Umar about Pratik Sehajpal and asked him to stay away from him as he is prone to getting into fights. Karan then turned to Pratik and asked him why the glass was broken. Asked about his easily angered nature, Pratik answered, “I get angry easily.”. Among all the drama Pratik had caused, Pratik gave Karan thanks for their calm conversation.

Their plan was to prevent the BB OTT contestants from getting too close to them. As per Karan and Vidhi, everything will be hidden under the bed and they will claim that it is in Afsana’s bag.

Karan, Jay Bhanushali, Vishal Kotian and others turned into troublemakers and messed with Pratik Sehajpal, Nishant Bhat and Shamita Shetty. The luggage they took was a mess, and the bathroom was a mess as well. The couple remained inside the home for an inordinate amount of time.

Karan told the OTT contestants that they could announce a truce or they would not be allowed to leave. Despite Shamita’s agreement, Pratik wasn’t interested. As a result, the two had an argument. After the argument, Shamita gave the map to the Junglewasi family. Angry, Nishant responded that she cannot make a decision without consulting them.

Ishan Sehgal told Simba Nagpal he felt blank after the fight between Jay Bhanushali and Pratik Sehajpal in the previous episode.

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