Introducting eSIM in Nepal

eSim Nepal Telecom

People with phones that support eSIM can get eSims from Nepal telecom’s Sundhara branch from today, 16th September 2022

In order to launch its eSIM service, Nepal Telecom is conducting trials that will allow subscribers to use their mobile phones without inserting a physical SIM card. To activate the embedded SIM and connect with the network, subscribers must download software to their mobile devices.

What does eSIM stand for?


E-SIMs (embedded SIMs) are programmable SIM cards that are embedded directly into devices. An eSIM consists of software installed on an eUICC chip permanently attached to a device, rather than an integrated circuit located on a removable universal integrated circuit card (UICC).

Does Nepal offer eSIM?

First, eSIM connection will be available in Nepal through Nepal Telecom. To deploy its own eSIM platform, the telecom operator allocated a budget in the fiscal year 2078/079 for the project.

What is the availability of eSIM on Ncell?

Ncell’s Twitter: We are currently unable to offer e-sim service.

What is the best SIM card for Nepal?

Ncell has better coverage in Nepal, so I recommend going with them if you want a SIM card. However, if you plan to go into the mountains, you should use Nepal Telecom, as they have better coverage there, although still spotty.

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