MDMS is implemented in Nepal

MDMS is implemented in Nepal

A new rule regarding MDMS has been implemented by Nepal Telecommunication Authority today. Through the IMEI numbers of all phones and electronic accessories arriving in the country, MDMS is a centralized government system that keeps a record of them.

A public notice has been issued by Nepal Telecommunication Authority announcing this declaration. The event was also attended by NTA, MPIA, NMDA, as well as other relevant authorities. Prior to Jestha 2078, it was proposed to be implemented. As a result of Covid’s second wave and other factors, it was delayed. Nevertheless, it has finally arrived after a long wait. 

This decision was made by the Authority in order to address the growing issue of gray smartphones being imported. In addition, it will be easier to track lost or stolen gadgets. The NTA has therefore mandated that all IMEIs be registered.  

Mobile Device Management System (MDMS)

In order to use a phone within the country, you must register it with the NTA. All new phones brought into the country will be subject to this rule. Old phones will automatically be registered, so you do not need to worry if this is the case.

In addition, the NTA has advised people only to purchase registered phones. The Nepali telecommunications Authority can easily block imported smartphones that have not been cleared by customs because of the regulation of this system. 

Visit the authority website i.e. and register in the portal to verify if your IMEI number has been registered. You do not need to register if your IMEI number is verified, but if it isn’t registered, you will not be able to use the network if the number isn’t registered.

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