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England maintained their place in the quarter-finals of Euro 2020 when they defeated rivals Germany at Wembley Stadium 2-0. The scorer converted moments after his substitution, which ushered in Germany’s liberation, as Thomas Muller hit the turf in relief after his goal.

Raheem Sterling tapped into his third Euro 2020 goal and put England ahead in the second half before Harry Kane opened the scoring with a late header. At stake in the quarter-finals of UEFA Euro 2020 is the trip to London’s Wembley Stadium this weekend. England will either face Sweden or Ukraine in Rome when they aim to reach the 2018 World Cup semi-finals.

The semi-finals of UEFA Euro 2020 have been confirmed after a frantic 16-16 quarter-final which ushered in the knockout stage and knocked many big names out of the tournament. Spain, two-time European champions in 2008 and 2012, will play Switzerland on Friday in their first quarter-final, where they will face reigning world champions France in the knock-out stages. The schedule and kick-off times for each quarter-final match can be found below.

The long-delayed tournament begins on Friday with Turkey’s clash with defending champions Italy in Rome. The tournament, which begins in Rome on Friday, will see 24 teams play in 11 cities.

The tournament begins with the group matches between Turkey and Italy in Rome [3]. Portugal are in a group with Hungary, last year’s winners France and Germany, the defending champions from 2016. The knockout stages begin on June 26, with the final taking place at Wembley Stadium in London on July 11.

Teams receive three points for a victory, one for a draw and zero for a defeat in their three group games. The top two teams in each group plus the four best third-placed teams advance to knockout stage.

Teams will be seeded according to the rankings of European qualifying groups based on their results in qualifying for the 2020 European Championship. If the hosts qualify, they will advance to the play-offs, which will be drawn to determine which teams will contest the three group games at home and away. In the infamous “Group of Death” (Group F), two teams will battle it out to reach the 2016 final: reigning champions Portugal and runners-up France.

Should one of the host teams qualify directly or the other not qualify, the host team would play all three group games at home, while the other would qualify for two away games. If one host team progresses to the play-offs and the other drops out, both host teams would automatically qualify in the play-offs and play the three group games away. If both hosts do not qualify directly, the winner will be determined by the place in the host match, which will be played in two of the three matches according to the above criteria, with the host city hosting both teams.

Italy were one of the first teams to qualify for the 2020 UEFA Euro finals. The Azzurri lead the group by three points and need just one win against Switzerland on Wednesday to secure a place in Europe’s top 16.

While the international sporting world focuses on the Tokyo Olympics, Europe’s top competitors are dueling for continental pride in the world’s most popular sport. This summer cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Euro 2020 football championship will finally be held from Friday. Twenty-four nations are competing across Europe for one of the top prizes.

UEFA Euro 2020 distributes 331 million euros to the participating national teams. That is EUR 40 million less than was originally budgeted for the pre-pandemic tournament, but it remains the largest sum ever spent on a European Championship. The winners of the Euro 2020 football championship will receive an additional 3 million euros.

Munich’s Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter called UEFA’s decision not to let the Allianz Arena shine in rainbow colours in favour of LGBTIQ + “shameful.”. UEFA banned rainbow-coloured adverts for two Euro 2020 quarter-final matches between Russia and Azerbaijan.

Group Divisions: Group A – Italy, Turkey, Wales, Switzerland Group B – Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Russia Group C – Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria, North Macedonia Group D – England, Croatia, Scotland, Czech Republic Group E – Spain, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia Group F – Hungary, Portugal, France, Germany

Broadcast in Nepal

Euro Cup will be available to watch on TV Channels provided by DISH Home and Other Cable TV networks.

– Saturday, 12 June

Group A: Turkey vs Italy — 12:45 am NST, Rome

Turkey 0 – 3 Italy

Group A: Wales vs Switzerland — 6:45 pm NST, Baku

Wales 1 – 1  Switzerland

Group B: Denmark vs Finland — 9:45 pm NST Copenhagen

Denmark 0 – 1  Finland

– Sunday, 13 June

Group B: Belgium vs Russia — 12:45 am NST, St Petersburg

Belgium 3 – 0 Russia

Group D: England vs Croatia — 6:45 pm NST, London

England 1 – 0 Croatia

Group C: Austria vs North Macedonia — 9:45 pm NST, Bucharest

Austria 3 – 1  North Macedonia

– Monday, 14 June

Group C: Netherlands vs Ukraine — 12:45 am NST, Amsterdam
Group D: Scotland vs Czech Republic — 6:45 pm NST, Glasgow
Group E: Poland vs Slovakia — 9:45 pm NST, St Petersburg

– Tuesday, 15 June

Group E: Spain vs Sweden — 12:45 am NST, Seville
Group F: Hungary vs Portugal — 9:45 pm NST, Budapest

– Wednesday, 16 June

Group F: France vs Germany — 12:45 am NST, Munich
Group B: Finland vs Russia — 6:45 pm NST, St Petersburg
Group A: Turkey vs Wales — 9:45 pm NST, Baku

– Thursday, June 17

Group A: Italy vs Switzerland — 12:45 am NST, Rome
Group C: Ukraine vs North Macedonia — 6:45 am NST, Bucharest
Group B: Denmark vs Belgium — 9:45 pm NST, Copenhagen

– Friday, June 18

Group C: Netherlands vs Austria — 12:45 am NST, Amsterdam
Group E: Sweden vs Slovakia — 6:45 pm NST, St Petersburg
Group D: Croatia vs Czech Republic — 9:45 pm NST, Glasgow

– Saturday, June 19

Group D: England vs Scotland — 12:45 am NST, London
Group F: Hungary vs France — 6:45 am NST, Budapest
Group F: Portugal vs Germany — 9:45 pm NST, Munich

– Sunday, June 20

Group E: Spain vs Poland — 12:45 am NST, Seville
Group A: Italy vs Wales — 9:45 pm NST, Rome
Group A: Switzerland vs Turkey — 9:45 pm NST, Baku

– Monday, June 21

Group C: North Macedonia vs Netherlands — 9:45 pm NST, Amsterdam
Group C: Ukraine vs Austria — 9:45 pm NST, Bucharest

– Tuesday, June 22

Group B: Russia vs Denmark — 12:45 am NST, Copenhagen
Group B: Finland vs Belgium — 12:45 am NST, St Petersburg

– Wednesday, June 23

Group D: Czech Republic vs England — 12:45 am NST, London
Group D: Croatia vs Scotland — 12:45 am NST, Glasgow
Group E: Slovakia vs Spain — 9:45 pm NST, Seville
Group E: Sweden vs Poland — 9:45 pm NST, St Petersburg

– Thursday, June 24

Group F: Germany vs Hungary — 12:45 AM NST, Munich
Group F: Portugal v France — 12:45 AM NST, Budapest


– Saturday, June 26
1. 2A vs 2B — 9:45 PM NST, Amsterdam

– Sunday, June 27
2. 1A vs 2C — 12:45 AM NST, London
3. 1C vs 3D/E/F — 9:45 PM NST, Budapest

– Monday, June 28
4. 1B vs 3A/D/E/F — 12:45 AM NST, Seville
5. 2D vs 2E — 9:45 PM NST, Copenhagen

– Tuesday, June 29
6. 1F vs 3A/B/C — 12:45 AM NST, Bucharest
7. 1D vs 2F — 9:45 PM NST, London

– Wednesday, June 30
8. 1E vs 3A/B/C/D — 12:45 AM NST, Glasgow


– Friday, July 2
QF1: Winner 6 vs Winner 5 — 9:45 PM NST, St Petersburg

– Saturday, July 3
QF2: Winner 4 vs Winner 2 — 12:45 AM NST, Munich
QF3: Winner 3 vs Winner 1 — 9:45 PM NST, Baku

– Sunday, July 4
QF4: Winner 8 vs Winner 7 — 12:45 AM NST, Rome


– Wednesday, July 7
SF1: Winner QF2 vs Winner QF1 — 12:45 AM NST, London

– Thursday, July 8
SF2: Winner QF4 vs Winner QF3 — 12:45 AM NST, London


Monday, July 12
Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2 — 12:45 AM NST, London

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