CUG SIM of Nepal Telecom

CUG SIM of Nepal Telecom

CUG – Corporate User Group

What is CUG in NTC?

CUG packs for corporate users have been revised by Nepal Telecom (NTC). Corporate user groups (CUGs) can make unlimited calls with this pack. With a repackaged CUG scheme, the same price includes an addition of data volume. In addition to the landline number, the CUG pack can have an email address for closed user groups.


  • Calls to the CUG are unlimited
  • In some packages, you can make unlimited calls on the network
  • Data that is extra large
  • Out-of-Network Call
  • SMS
  • Combination of pre-paid and postpaid numbers


  • At least 10 members of the company’s members list along with mobile phone numbers must be requested
  • Document registering a company
  •  The company can also apply for the mobile number if a member doesn’t have Nepal Telecom’s number during CUG registration. 

CUG Packages

Description CUG-200








CUG Call Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 30 Days
Voice (NT-NT) 100min 500Min Unlimited(7am-7pm) or 1000Min Unlimited(7am-7pm) or 1500Min
Voice (NT-Other) 10min 50Min 100Min 200Min
DATA 1 GB 5 GB 10GB 20GB
SMS(NT-NT) 50 100 200 400
SMS(NT-Other)     30  


How can I contact NTC customer care?

Nepal Telecom has implemented the Automatic Telephone Complaint Handling Service (198) and the Automatic Fault Retrieve and Down Handling Service (192). The IVR 198 service allows a customer to book a fault complaint directly from the IVR without calling a Customer Service representative first.


Where can I get NTC voice packs?

  1. Call *1415# and select the voice pack of your choice or, choose the code *1415#.
  2. You can access the NTC self-care portal here.
  3. Download the Nepal Telecom app.


Where can I find my NTC number?

The Telephone Dialer is open. Dial “*9#” and make a “call”. On your phone’s display, you will see your NTC number!

What is the process for reporting a lost phone to NTC?

A duly completed and notarized form (Affidavit of Ownership and Loss with Undertaking) can be downloaded from the NTC website ( Scanned copy of the mobile phone’s packaging box (barcode/sticker) indicating the telephone number (IMEI) or copy of the applicable official receipt.


What is the procedure for getting data packs on NTC SIM cards?

Data plan for unlimited days

  1. Data for one day (5 AM to 5 PM)
  2. Rupees. Pricing. One day. Its validity. Please call *1415*10# to subscribe. Right now, you can buy.

What is the 1 hour unlimited pack in NTC?


Where can I subscribe to an unlimited data plan from Ntc?

  1. Subscribing to NTC’s unlimited data pack requires sending a message.
  2. You need the Ntc unlimited data pack of one hour to subscribe. …
  3. This data pack allows you to make unlimited calls and SMS within Ntc numbers during a one-hour period.

What is the process for getting NTC bonuses?

  1. “FR” can be sent to 1415 by sending it. Once you have submitted the form, you will be notified of the amount of free resources.
  2. You can also dial *1415*55#
  3. If you have a NTC mobile number, you should check the app.


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