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Ganesh chaturthi or chatha puja

ganesh chaturthi

The Newa community celebrates “Chatha: Chak” every year on the day of “Janla / Yanlathwa Chaturthi,” according to the lunar calendar. Since Shri Ganesh was born on that day, this day is famous as “Ganesh Chaturthi” in other cultures. The moon is said to lose its energy in frustration and he who looks at the moon in a state of failure is cursed with the false accusation of stealing.

Chatha is celebrated with great significance because Mohani (Dashain festival) is believed to be the same as Chatha. If it rains on this day, it’s believed even during Mohani that it will rain. On this day a special Ganesha mounted on a lion is worshiped by the Newa clan, and after the moon rises at night Khun Dya:/Yama Dya: (Indra) is worshiped.

According to his own tale of Yeh Dey (Kathmandu), Indra Dev came here from heaven on this day at night for his mother’s fast and held Airavat in one spot. There’s a story about him being bound up as a robber when he saw a robber, and feeding him. Accordingly, Kusa Lapte (big leaf) is held on the roof this day, at night, with these and the families all eat halimali (mixed with all of these).

Since the dogs started barking at night and the foxes began barking, it’s also customary to close all the house’s doors and windows so that the thief god (Indra) can come in. Stealing fruits is believed to be no sin on this day as Indra is silent even though he witnessed the moon stealing flowers and consuming fruits tonight and an odd practice of stealing fruits at night is in place. The Newa group has a tradition of worshiping the moon in indignation on this day, and not looking at the food. Also, it’s customary on this day to chant Dafa in front of Toltol temple and exchange the offerings.

This is the hindu tale of how Ganesha became a lion when his bahan (mount ) was a mouse.

The gods and goddesses met in their bahan at one point, to engage in their daily discussions. The gods and goddesses left their bahan in one place while there, and engaged in their conversation. The gods and goddesses’ bahan have started to show off their ability at the opportunity to assemble.

What somebody did, what somebody did, in the end Ganesh’s pet, the mouse, started showing up as a lion. Ganesh also said at the same time that he had to go straight into his conversation. But even if anyone else touches you when you’re still alive, you ‘re not going to be able to go back to the old way.

Now there was a huge mess with the lion-shaped mouse and Ganesh There has been considerable controversy about what to do. At the same time Narad Muni appeared and Waha said it would be settled if it were reached by the moon god on the fourth day of Bhadra ‘s month. Now Ganesh has gone to the Moon to inquire for a solution.

Chandrama was still suffering from some parts of the curse already given to her by Ganesh and if I took back the curse with Ganesh and made the lion worship me today, I made a condition that he would make me a baby mouse. Ganesh was forced to recognize the terrifying moon situation, too.

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