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IPO of Sahas Urja Limited Opening

Sahas Urja Ltd

Sahas Urja Limited (Sahas) was formed in February 2014 as a private limited company. In September 2014, Sahas was converted to a public limited company to facilitate public participation. As of mid-July 2020, the paid-up capital of the company was 2,450 million NPR. In addition to Mahendra Giri (2.29% stake), Sushil Thapa (2.11%), Anupama Thapa (2.04%), and Him Prasad Pathak (1.94%), there are many others who have contributed. Through the proposed IPO, NPR 1,050 million will be raised by general shareholders, or 30% of the total equity of the company. Solukhumbu District in Nepal’s Province 1 is developing the Solu Khola (Dudh Koshi) HEP. The project is being developed on a probability of exceeding 40.70% (Q40.70) for a run-of-the-river (R-o-R) type.

About the Issue:

The public will be able to buy 7,000,000 ordinary shares for Rs. 70 crores which Sahas Urja Limited will issue on Ashwin-06. This IPO will close at the early closing date of Ashwin-10, 2078. We will extend this issue until Ashwin-20, 2078 if this issue does not receive subscriptions till Ashwin-10, 2078.

A total of 7,000,000 shares will be issued by the company – 20 percent of its total capital – from Ashwin 06, 2078. 350,000 units, or 5% of the 7,000,000 units, are assigned to the Mutual Fund. The remaining 93.3%, or 210,000 units, are for the general public, while 6,440,000 units are for the company’s employees.

The minimum number of units required is 10 and the maximum number is 1,050,000.

Issue manager of the IPO will be NIBL Ace Capital Limited.


SEBON approves three IPO proposals :

  1. Nyadi Hydropower Limited
  2. Sahas Urja Ltd
  3. Buddha Bhumi Nepal Hydro Power Company Limited

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