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Jeevan Bikas Laghubitta IPO Allotment

Jeevan Bikas Laghubitta IPO

18,000 applicants receive nothing, while 18,48,015 investors lose out on Jeevan Bikas Laghubitta IPO.

The IPO result can be accessed by

JBLBS has concluded its IPO allotment today at NMB Capital Limited, the issue manager. 


From (Ashad 11-15, 2078)-1977,300 units valued at Rs 19.77 crore were issued by Jeevan Bikas Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited to the general public as its Initial Public Offering. 

5% of the total offered shares, 98,865 units, are reserved for mutual funds of the company out of the 19,77,300 units. 0.5% of the issued capital, or 30,420 units are reserved for employees of the company. In total, 18,48,015 units will be marketed to the general public.


20.18.308 valid applications were received for 2,97.74.360 units, equivalent to 20,18.308 valid applications. There was an oversubscription of 16.11 times. 

In accordance with the allotment module, a total of 1,84,801 applicants were allotted 10 units each via lottery, five of whom were luckier enough to get an extra unit, and 18,33,507 applicants were returned emptyhanded. 

A total of 30,420 units have been allocated among 763 employees, as well as 98,865 units between 13 mutual funds.

Three thousand seven hundred and seventy-one applicants out of 54,240 were disqualified.

With the issue of 19,77,300 units worth Rs 19.77 crore, the public will hold 32.5% of the total capital. This means the promoters will own 67.50 percent while the public will own 32.50 percent. 

Jeevan Bikas Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited (JBLBSL) has been assigned an issuer rating of [ICRANP-IR] BBB-, reflecting good financial safety, and a moderate amount of credit risk.

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