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Mailung Khola Javidhyut Company Limited IPO

Mailung Khola Javidhyut Company Limited IPO

A year after a first phase IPO, Mailung Khola’s second phase opened today; why is the rating so low? What is the performance of the company?

An overview of the company:

It was incorporated in July 2002 as a private limited company called Mailung Khola Javidhyut Company Limited (MKJVCL). To facilitate public participation, it was converted to a public limited company later in August 2014. A total of 155 individuals and four institutions are involved in promoting MKJVCL. At present, Mailung is promoted by Sopan Company Limited, which holds 39% of the company. A 5 MW project is being operated by the company in the Rasuwa District of Nepal. 

What the issue is:

Shrawan-14 will see Mailung Khola Jalavidhyut issue 736,286 ordinary shares with a par value of Rs. 100 to the general public. This represents 20% of the total capital. On Shrawan-18, 2077/78, this IPO issue will close early. The issue will extend up to Shrawan-28, 2077/78 if this issue has not been subscribed till Shrawan-18, 2077/78.

The Employees make up 14,726 units out of a total of 736,286. A total of 368,746 units are for the general public while 36,814 units are for the company’s mutual fund.

The minimum number of units available is 10 and the maximum number of units is 100,000.

An IPO issue manager has been named for the IPO – Siddhartha Capital Limited.

Mailung Khola Javidhyut Company Limited IPOs can be submitted on the mero-share site :

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