Nabil Balanced fund 3 – Close Ended Mutual Fund

Nabil Balanced fund 3

14,536 Applicants participated in the public offering of the “Nabil Balanced Fund 3“. The issue was oversubscribed by over 2.69 times.

As of yesterday, 29th Bhadra, 2078, Nabil Investment Banking Limited successfully concluded the public offering of the “Nabil Balanced Fund III. ” The public offering opened on 25th Bhadra and ended at the end of business hours yesterday.

As a close-ended fund, Nabil Balanced Fund III will be traded in NEPSE. Ten years is the maturity period of the fund. There are 10 crore units in the fund, each worth Rs 10. A total of 14% of the funds are allocated to the fund manager and 1% to the fund promoter. Publicly offered units numbered 8.5 crores remained.

In accordance with Nabil Invest, there have been 1,43,192 applications for a total of 22,93,56,470 units. An issue manager will report this data when the issue has been resolved. There are 2,69 oversubscriptions to this issue.

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