4 Ways to Make the Most with Honeygain

Ways to Make the Most with Honeygain

You may not yet be aware of Honeygain’s multiple money-making possibilities if you’re trying Honeygain for the first time.

The Honeygain experts will share all the secrets on how to make the most of the app (a.k.a. the revolutionary method of earning effortless passive income) not just helping you increase your earning potential.

For more information:

Make sure your app is set up properly…

What the referral system is all about…

An explanation of what Content Delivery is…

How fast the Internet is, and why it matters… 


Here’s what you need to know – just keep reading!

  1. Create a proper app setup

In order to start earning money, it is crucial that you follow all the steps in the setup process. The first step is signing up, but it isn’t the last. Come with me through the steps so that we can get you your payout faster!

You should first create an account, as I mentioned before. To access the Honeygain dashboard, please sign up on our official site. On Honeygain’s website, you can view the amount of money that you have already gathered. You will be updated on your earnings automatically as you share your bandwidth with our network. Please remember to redeem your starting gift coupon when you sign up! You will not be able to add the account once it is created and earning. 

You can now download and install the app on your device after you have created your account. If you’re downloading an application, make sure it’s compatible with your device’s operating system – as of now, you can choose from Android, Windows, Linux, and macOS. What do you think? Good job, we’re almost there! The installer will now open, and you can proceed as directed. Terms of Use must be read and accepted.

Once your application has been successfully installed, sign in with the same credentials so that your dashboard can sync with your application. You will not be able to earn income if the app is shut off!

That’s all! With Honeygain, you are now earning passive income! Be sure that Honeygain is active from time to time, and track your progress as you earn free money.

  1. Take advantage of referrals

Would you like to share Honeygain with all your friends? If so, we are not just glad to hear it, but we would like to thank you appropriately. Therefore, we have introduced a referral system so you can earn extra money by referring your friends… Earn a little extra money while you’re at it! What is the process? See how it goes!

You can invite your friends and receive 5,000 credits ($5) each for each new user you refer. If the user, through your referral link or referral code, signs up through your link or code, the money is automatically claimed.

It would be great if you also received something for yourself instead of just Honeygain? We appreciate your interest and trust that you’ll be pleased with Honeygain. For this reason, we made it possible for new users to earn 10% of their earnings! Our team will give this additional bonus to our new users, so they won’t have to worry about their earnings. For example, if your referral makes $10, you will get $1 for referring the user. That’s it!

You will be able to track your progress easily as the system will automatically update your earnings every day. By referring users to our app, you’ll earn more money! Take advantage of this opportunity by sharing the link that can be found on your Honeygain dashboard.

Want to convince your friends even more? Here is a blog post you should check out. 

  1. Review the Content Delivery functionality

Meet Content Delivery (CD), our newest feature for 2020.

Who is responsible for Content Delivery?

Honeygain has been offering Default Network Sharing since it was founded, but this feature is slightly different. As a result, your earnings are dependent not on how much of your traffic is shared with our network, but on how long (minutes, hours, or days) you have it enabled, in an “Active” status (not in “In Queue”).

Among the content that demands a lot of bandwidth are images, videos, audio, streaming, large websites, IPTV, VOD, social media, and VoIP. Thus, you are only able to use this feature on your desktop (computer) – Android devices are not compatible with it. As a result of these factors:

Most desktop devices are connected via Wi-Fi or come with unlimited data plans 

Content Delivery works better on desktop devices because of their more stable connections

There are currently ten countries that can use the feature: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

There is a limit to the number of devices sharing bandwidth at the same time through Content Delivery, as described on our Help page. Our team is working hard to introduce and create as many spots as possible, so soon everyone will be able to enjoy it!

How much money will you be able to earn, now that you know how it works?

In the Beta phase, customers will be able to receive 10 credits per hour for any desktop connected to the Content Delivery servers. In the case of Content Delivery, you would earn $7.20 this month – don’t forget your Default Network Sharing is still active and will earn you money as well! All updates to our email, social media channels, and Help page will be announced later. Users will receive 6 credits per hour eventually.

  1. Monitor the speed of your Internet connection

In exchange for sharing your Internet connection with Honeygain, you are paid money. What if your Internet connection is slow? Honeygain still allows you to make money?

I think it’s important to start with why you need a fast Internet connection!

Honeygain’s network is used by a variety of businesses and scientists to collect information like texts and images that are publicly available and to conduct market research. It’s harder to collect big amounts of data on slow internet (as well as taking longer). Even if your Internet connection is slow, you can still earn some money – but that income will be lower than, say, your neighbors who have a faster Internet connection.

How do you determine if your Internet connection is slow? Here’s how it works! In general, you need to know two things about network speed:

In milliseconds (ms), latency defines the timeframe within which information is sent from one point to another. A round-trip can be considered a one-way trip or a one-way trip.

Data throughput, or speed, measures how much information can be exchanged within a specific interval of time during a conversation. Megabits per second (Mbps) are usually measured.

Among Honeygain’s key features is the network’s latency. Researchers need to get answers quickly when they are running high-quality analyses. You cannot get as much traffic as you have higher latency.

For example, you can get the most out of Honeygain if you have a ping rate under 100 ms. Alternatively, if your ping is over 1000 ms, there will be little traffic: with this kind of connection, it is impossible to carry out a high-quality analysis.

The next step is to consider data throughput (speed). The two most popular ways to earn passive income with Honeygain, the easiest app available, are:

Shared network settings by default

Delivery of content

However, you are required to have a stable and low latency network connection to use Default Network Sharing. In general, the Honeygain app cannot be used on devices with slow or unstable Internet connections (*1 Mbps). Additionally, standard network sharing allows you to use up to 100 Mbps – anything beyond that will simply not increase your earnings potential.

A minimum network speed of 10 Mbps is needed for content delivery.

Is your Internet too slow? What can you do?

Using Honeygain with fewer devices is a good idea. Honeygain’s network can be used by several devices at the same time, but you should be aware that this can reduce speed and increase ping. You will earn a lot more from fewer devices per network when it comes to earning potential!

Closer to your router will increase the speed of your WiFi!

Ensure there are no software restrictions active that could interfere with Honeygain’s operation!


As a conclusion 

You can easily make money and keep increasing your earning potential with Honeygain if you know all of its features and possibilities.

To get started with Honeygain, all you need to do is follow the above advice, then you can start earning passive income effortlessly!

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