Dark Desire Netflix Series Review

dark desire netflix series review

Dark Desire (or Oscuro Deseo as it’s known in Spanish regions) was one of the dark horse releases of 2020 hitting Netflix globally back in July 2020. It trended around the world and at one point was the most-watched non-English series debut on Netflix. Now, season 2 is just around the corner arriving on Netflix globally in February 2022.

dark desire season 2

Now, before we go any further, to be frank, Netflix only offered the first two episodes to watch before release, and the series is 18 episodes long. If the story seems to be stuck around episodes 7-8, 18 episodes is a lot for a series. Also, the great thing about this show that makes it different from other Netflix dramas is that it has 18 episodes.

I mean, like… twice as much as a regular show on a streaming service. That’s about twice as much as a typical show on the streaming service. All this is enough to make you lean against the sofa and look at every tiny piece.

Otherwise, you can skip this because you will dedicate yourself to some story, as I did. But at the end of the day, it’s still a frivolous attempt to present a treacherous-looking story that makes little sense of its characters’ motivations (context often feels forced).

Also, to add insult to injury, the show’s characters belong to a different level of insanity, because almost everything they say, do, and think doesn’t offer any sort of logical rationality.

You would think that a series you watch for 18 episodes would have a likable character, but no. Especially if you can get past the show’s obvious male fantasies.

Dark Desire (or Oscuro Deseo) tries to do the same by offering viewers a sensual story with a dark and sinister secret, just like other Netflix thrillers like Secret Obsession. Before I give my opinion on Netflix’s Mexican drama thriller Dark Desire (Oscuro deseo), let me describe the show’s entire performance with an anecdote.

What’s most striking about Dark Desire, Netflix’s new Mexican soap opera, isn’t its brash content, obligatory melodrama, and fusion of romance with a twisted thriller storyline, but its length. And right here, Dark Desire or Dark Deseo, Netflix’s new Mexican thriller/drama series sets the tone for what it is.

dark desire netflix series review

This dark and fiery Spanish-language series combines suspense and sex to create an erotic mystery. Flashbacks of events, old memories, random thoughts, speculations about what might have happened, sexual fantasies of “dark desire” are very important throughout the series. The people in this series are dramatic in every way and full of dark secrets.

There are better shows out there – if you want to watch the manipulation, watch yourself or watch The Dark for a crazy right turn. Most of the audience came for “romance” and didn’t need the consequences of the actions I wanted.

I may not have fully understood this because in the flash forward in the last episode, Alma lectured in class and used a recording of her friends’ last words to emphasize the role of women in society.

One might say that her teenage daughter looks like her sister, and not just to give her a cheap compliment. She is married to Leonardo (Jorge Posa), a great judge with a terrible mustache.

Regina Pavon plays Zoe, Alma and Leonardo’s daughter, who has a disturbing obsession with death. The protagonist of the series is named Alma Solares, and her husband is named Leonardo.

Dark desires begin when Alma Solares (Mette Peroni), a married law school professor, reunites with her close friend Brenda for a bachelorette party. Married woman Alma ends a passionate evening by visiting her friend Brenda over the weekend.

Married Alma spends a fateful weekend away from home that rekindles her passion, ends in tragedy, and leaves her questioning the truth about who is close to her. It’s just 40m sex.

A law professor overhears her husband’s suspicious phone call and then visits his recently divorced girlfriend, who drags her to a nightclub. One last night of passion 35m Alma tries to establish boundaries with Dario, but later stumbles upon a scene that confirms her suspicions about Leonardo.

Love is the word 34m Alma revealed her lover’s name to Esteban, who visited him. One thing quickly led to another, and despite his better judgment, Alma took him home, where they had a predictably wild night. Alma returned home and had a guilty dream in which Leonardo pointed a gun at her while mingling with Dario in the pool.

Alma and Brenda then attend a social event that resembles an open-air club scene, where she meets a mysterious young man named Dario.

One thing leads to another, and her life is shrouded in a ploy to murder her best friend, Brenda Castillo, which exposes the nasty side of the men closest to her.

Alma Solares, a prestigious lawyer and university professor, visits her best friend for the weekend to deal with the pain of her divorce. Alma leaves for the weekend to be with her recently divorced best friend Brenda Castillo (Maria Fernanda Yepes).

But Alma can’t take her mind off her husband Leonardo Solares (Jorge Posa), who she suspects is having an affair. As the story progresses, things get more complicated for Alma and dark secrets are soon revealed and her best friend Brenda is also killed. The rest of the series focuses on Alma finding out the truth about what Dario is doing and why.

It is filled with a lot of erotica and approaches soft porn. In many ways, this is similar to broadcasting shows like How to Get Away with Murder (2014).

If you cut out most of the millions of unnecessary sex scenes and get rid of some of the absurd twists, it would probably be a decent watch. Check it out if you have a penchant for intoxicating murder erotic dramas spiced with A LOT of enticing sex.


It looks like a promising drama about sex and crime, as we were promised. I don’t have a problem with the sex scenes, but it was described as the Spanish version of You.

However, he lacks Tae’s dark humor and is full of passionate business. In addition, it also has the spooky and mysterious atmosphere of the series You. The fact that this series has 18 episodes sets it apart from other Netflix dramas.

But with a realistic 30-40 minute episode count, it could very well be a first for many international Netflix viewers to finally have time to see what all the guilt-inducing hype is about. We are quickly becoming the number one independent website for streaming coverage.

Check out everything that was released on July 15 and what’s new on Netflix in July 2020. In addition to watching Netflix on your smart TV, if you have a laptop handy, you can visit the Netflix website to watch the first season.

Netflix announced the second episode on Twitter in August 2020, just a month after the series premiered. This statistic makes the first season of Dark Desires the most successful first season of a non-English-language series on Netflix.

Dark Desire is a Netflix drama/suspense series created by Leticia Lopez Magali and starring Maite Perroni, Alejandro Speitzer and Maria Fernanda Yepes.

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