The Five Juanas Netflix Series Review

the five juanas netflix series review

The Five Juana fun begins when five eclectic 25-year-old women meet by chance. Crossing the road for the first time, the women eventually realize they have more in common than their destination.

Throughout the show, we follow the individual and collective journeys of these five girls. The series tells the story of five women named Juana who didn’t know each other until a chance brought them together.

Juana Manuela (Suria Vega), Juana Valentina (Renata Notni), Juana Caridad (Oka Giner), Juana Matilde (Juanita Arias) and Juana Bautista (Sofia Engberg) discover a dark secret; they are all sisters, common father, An ambitious politician with dark secrets.

the five juanas netflix series review

With such a dark and mysterious storyline, we might see a web show called “Five Yellows,” in which five like-minded women set out to uncover past realities and find the false trap of a horrific transformation. Influential politicians.

Five Juanas is the sequel to the 1997 Colombian TV series created by Bernardo Romero Pereiro, which was also adapted into the Mexican TV series Las Juana in 2004-2005.

The Netflix series is based on the 1997 Colombian TV novel Bernardo Romero Pereiro, written by the daughter of original author Jimena Romero.

In the Mexican Netflix telenovela Five Juana, five women with the same name as Juana meet in Cancun. The Five Juanas is the latest episode of Netflix and tells the dark story of five women who are on the hunt to uncover the biggest secret that binds their lives.

The series features five female characters and all of their names are Juana, including Sofia Engberg as Juana Bautista, Juanita Arias as Juana Matilda, Oka Giner as Juana Caridad, Renata Notni as Juana Valentina, and Zuria Vega as Giovanna Manuela.

the five juanas netflix series review

They all have a fish-shaped birthmark named Juana, and none of them know who their biological father is (remember “Mamma Mia”). Five women with the same desire decided to reveal the truth about their past and uncover the tragic web of lies woven by a powerful politician.

And Wunza journalist Juana Valentina (Renata Notni), whom we meet as she scatters her mother’s ashes on the beach in Cancun.

Another series of tricks allow us to see a series of naked buttocks in the foreground so that Juans can understand that something strange is happening in their lives, and not only because the birthmark is shaped like a fish.

Stripper Juana is featured in promotional images holding a gun because that’s what confident strippers end up doing in soap operas about five women who find they all have the same desire to butt heads. They also speculate that there may be a sixth Juana in the wild who may be Victor’s daughter.

To finish them off, Rogelio reveals some of Juanas’ deepest secrets. This is where the story begins when the five Juan embark on a journey to uncover secrets that have long been buried under the web of tragic lies of dirty politicians.

Five Juanas showcases all sorts of mundane soap opera storytelling techniques, from intricate flashbacks to characters expressing their innermost thoughts in voice-over, though the production cost is on par with drama away from decent budget cable.

Five Juanas features all sorts of mundane soap opera storytelling techniques, ranging from intricate flashbacks to characters expressing their innermost thoughts in voice acting, though the production quality is on par with a decent budget cable drama.

In particular, “Five Juanas” is a reboot of the Colombian series “Las Juanas”, which aired in the late 90s, as well as the Mexican version of the same title from 2004; however, none of them had a birthmark plot device.

The drama’s dark and menacing palette also reflects story arcs and themes from previous popular telenovelas such as Queen del Sur and The Cable Guys.

the five juanas netflix series review

Colombian-born heroine Juanita Arias endured emotional and physical abuse for the first 18 episodes of the Mexican Netflix series, but eventually found happiness through the support of family members and a new love interest.

At the time of writing, Five Yellow is one of the top 10 most-watched TV shows on Netflix. Five Yellow has only been ordered for one season, and it’s too early for Netflix to launch a second season.

Netflix sometimes announces delays for finale shows, but typically the streaming service waits about a month for the show to perform.

The first season consists of 17 episodes, and its conclusion could either end the series or open the door to a return. The series features suspense, action, drama, nudity, sex, and romance.

Valeria The series captures not only the mechanics of sex, but also the sharpness of desire, which, in fact, makes sex so attractive in the first place. There is never any doubt in your mind about Valeria’s characters’ sexual hunger.

Yes, thanks to Netflix bringing you shows filled with much-needed heat, drama, nudity, sex and romance. So, if you are looking for new hot TV shows, you have come to the right place. Especially for you, we sorted out the list of the sexiest TV shows streaming on Netflix in 2022, let’s take a look.

So, if you’re one of those who can’t get enough and now doesn’t know what to do after you’re done, then we’ve got a list of other addictive web series for you where women get together to kick their heads. butt and binge watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + Hoptstar and ZEE5.

the five juanas netflix series review

The one I mentioned earlier would be considered one of the best Netflix franchises of all time. Popularity ranges from crime dramas like Money Heist to soap operas including the recently released Five Juanas as well as Flow Queen. But there are also about 200 episodes in two seasons for Netflix subscribers.

But now, with the help of Netflix, a strong cast and excellent production quality, the series is guaranteed a wider audience. The actors play their characters with remarkable skill and help bring out the drama of the material in all its glory.

The Five Huangs master all kinds of techniques to tell bodily soap operas. For example, Manny’s healing relationship with his mother, Caridad exploring her body and desires, Matilda finally defending herself are all moments to cherish in Five Juanas.

Valentina makes a bold move on Simon’s speech, and the Juanas torment him with memories of her crimes. After Manny reveals the secret of their parentage to the Juanas, Valentina is confronted with a bitter truth.

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