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Gai jatra, Saparu

gai jatra

Gai Jatra, otherwise called Festival of Cows, is one of the most significant celebrations in Nepal. It frequently falls in Nepali Bhadra month (August to September in Solar Calendar) and proceeds for eight days. Gai Puja is predominantly held by the Newar people group in Kathmandu valley to celebrate the dead in the most recent year. In any case, unique in relation to some other remembrance function on the planet, Nepali Gai Jatra is commended as a cheerful jamboree. During this intriguing celebration, you’ll get the opportunity to encounter Nepali conventional singing, stick moving, one of a kind satire, and so forth.

Foundation of Nepali Gai Jatra

Following back to the seventeenth century, Nepal King Pratap Malla lost his young child. The sovereign was drenched in the extraordinary wretchedness and cried throughout the day. So as to brighten the sovereign up, the lord held this dairy animals celebration. The people wearing the vivid outfits and the brightened cows represented the dead in this year. The lord simply needed the sovereign to comprehend that she isn’t the one in particular who lost family members thus numerous individuals have likewise lost their friends and family. Passing is a characteristic marvel and nobody can transform it. The dairy animals parade, drum music, veiled moves turned into the features in this jubilee. The sovereign in the end grinned and acknowledged the loss of her child.

Festivities of Gai Jatra in Nepal

As per the old legend of Hinduism, Yama, the God of Death, would send the dark crows to monitor the passage to the paradise on this day. Simply outside the entryway, a huge number of spirits are holding back to acknowledge Yama’s adjudicator and their rebirth is completely dictated by the benefits they have earned. In folklore, the way to paradise is very hard to follow and the expired despite everything need to go over the consuming waterway. Most Nepalese accept that if their family members could get the cowstail, the excursion to paradise would turn out to be a lot simpler. Also, the entryway of paradise is just open to the dead for just a single day in the year. Along these lines, each family who have lost friends and family during the most recent year must take an interest in this terrific bovine parade in Kathmandu.

The music band is a vital part for the celebration of cows. Furthermore, the music instruments differ from Nepalese customary drum to western trumpet and present day hardware. It’s said that the merry music can pacify the God of Anger, yet in addition frighten the shades of malice off. With drums pounding and cymbals conflicting, Gai Jatra arrives at its peak.

Gai Jatra is a customary celebration for Newaris and wins in the three antiquated urban communities in Nepal, in particular, Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. The subtleties of the festival might be extraordinary, yet the center of the celebration of dairy animals is actually the equivalent.

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