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Gathaamo chare or Gathe Mangal in Nepali

Gathaamo chare or Gathe Mangal in Nepali

The Newar people group of the Kathmandu Valley celebrate ‘Gathaaamo’ chare (Gathe Mangal in Nepali), a celebration celebrated to pursue away the devil ‘Gaathaamo’ an evil in favorable circumstances, with much fanfare. The celebration of Gathemangal is commended in the memory of legendary devil Ghantakarna’s demise. This celebration that falls on the long stretch of Shrawan (July/August) is likewise called Ghantakarna Chaturdasi.

Despite the fact that no one knows when this celebration was begun, it has been referenced to be praised in the Lichhavi period in the historical backdrop of Gopal Bansha. Be that as it may, there are numerous legends about this celebration being commended in the middle age as well.

It is praised each year on Shrawan Krishna Chaturdashi. As per the legend, an evil presence named Ghantakarna threatened the locals by taking the offspring of the town. His body is painted colors red and black, ears are painted whilte etc. He looked extremely terrifying and each time he moved, the ringers jingled. He got his name from the ringers on his ears, for example, Ghanta signifying ‘ringer’ and Karna signifying ‘ears’.

The ranchers were terrified of him and only here and there went out. In any event, during the period of the ranch, they didn’t set out to go out. They were defenseless and frustrated. Be that as it may, at some point, countless frogs went to the town and started to croak close to Ghantakarna’s place. He got irate yet the frogs didn’t stop. They croaked much stronger and when he attempted to get them, they bounced into the water. He, as well, bounced into the water without understanding that it was a bog and before long began to suffocate. The frogs amassed around his head and he suffocated to death. Along these lines, the frogs spared the town and the residents from the evil spirit.

On the remembrance of this occasion, each year on the Shrawan Krishna Chaturdashi, a likeness of Gathaamo is comprised of Straw (‘Chhwali’ in Newari language), Straw is the dried stem of wheat. When the ranchers have collected wheat, they will dry the stems and it will be utilized for covering rooftops. Kids use to gather the cash from the vehicles pass by their way which is additionally done upon the arrival of Maha Shivaratri. The likeness is taken from every tole to a separate 3 or 4 different ways intersections and consumed speaking to the triumph of local people over the evil presence. The model of Gathaaamo is drag everywhere throughout the best approach to the intersection.

Individuals wear iron rings on their fingers with a conviction of shielding themselves from the devils and abhorrent spirits. Wearing those rings is only a piece of the celebration. The celebration of Gathemangal or Ghantakarna Chaturdasi, as a large portion of the Nepali celebrations, is a case of the triumph of good over malevolence.

This year 2020, Due to the impact of Corona infection/COVID19, it is recommended not to make the model of Gathaaamo and not to make the superfluous crowd of individuals while commending the Gathaaamo chare celebration.

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