Guacamole is best made this way since it’s easy to make and made with high-quality, fresh ingredients. Guacamole authentically lacks unnecessary ingredients and fillers. All you need are avocados, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, jalapenos, lime juice, garlic, and salt. This is my favorite guacamole recipe, and it really is not hyperbole. You don’t need to be too fancy or too unique to make crowd-pleasing guacamole. Guacamole is supposed to be delicious and easy to make. Simple and straightforward. This is a delicious blend of high-quality ingredients that perfectly complement one another.

The guacamole in this recipe is the real deal, and I have worked with Mexican chefs who can attest to that fact. Authentic, simple, and fresh! Mexico is just like that.


Guacamole Ingredients

The recipe for the all-time best dip is made with just eight ingredients.

  • The following tips will help you pick ripe avocados.
  • You could also use red onion in this recipe. I am using yellow onions which are commonly found in Mexican dishes.
  • The best tomatoes are less juicy Roma tomatoes. Watery guacamole is not what anyone wants.
  • Cilantro: One of my favorite herbs and a staple in Mexican cooking.
  • If you want a little more heat, you can also use serrano pepper.
  • There are people who prefer guac with garlic, and there are people who prefer it without. 
  • It’s best to squeeze limes fresh from the tree. Using lime juice from a jar is not a good idea!
  • When salt is added, everything comes together.


Guacamole is best made with fresh ingredients. A ripe avocado should be firm but not mushy. A mushy avocado is definitely not what you want.

What are some tips for picking good, ripe avocados? Pick up avocados with the stems still attached first. Brown spots on the inside are more likely to appear if you removed the stem from the plant in the store. Once you have pressed on one end, let go. There should be a slight give to it, but it should still be firm.


Scoop three ripe avocados into a mixing bowl after removing the pits from them. Then carefully mash them with a fork to achieve the smoothness or chunkiness you desire. Stir in the onions, tomatoes, cilantro, garlic, jalapeo pepper, lime juice, and salt. That’s all. Guacamole made easy with the best ingredients.



It is quite easy for guacamole to turn brown once it oxidizes. While lime juice helps slow the browning of leftover guacamole, it is inevitable that it will eventually turn brown.

Guacamole is commonly preserved by wrapping it with plastic wrap to prevent oxidation. You may be able to get away with this for a day or two. The problem is I’m trying to cut back on plastic, so this method doesn’t work for me.

Guacamole can be kept green by following these steps:

  • Make sure your leftover guacamole is well-flattened with a spoon by placing it in a storage container and pressing down firmly.
  • Over 1/2 inch of water (cold water works best) add.
  • Store the storage container in the fridge with the lid on. There you have it!
  • You can enjoy the guacamole by draining off the water, stirring it, and then eating it.

FAQ About Guacamole

Is guacamole bad for you?

Combined with excessive amounts of carbohydrates, unhealthy fats, and preservatives, these foods can pile on the calories quickly. It is important to exercise moderation in everything you do. Despite the health benefits of guacamole, if you consume large amounts of it while eating other unhealthy foods, you will gain weight and become unwell.

Is guacamole just avocado mashed?

A little coarse salt is added to ripe avocados to make guacamole. Avocados are often combined with tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, lime juice, cilantro, and other ingredients. Although guacamole recipes are expanding, some traditional ingredients are still used.

When homemade guacamole turns brown, why does it happen?

GUACAMOLE TURNS BROWN FOR WHAT REASON? Avocado flesh is green, but it becomes darker and finally brown when it reacts with the oxygen in the air. If an avocado is covered by skin, oxidation is kept at bay, but once it has been peeled, the flesh will oxidize.

What is the health benefit of guacamole on toast?

As far as avocado toast is concerned, it is generally a healthy option. According to Arrindell, avocados contain unsaturated fats and fiber that are beneficial to heart health. You can also decide what goes onto your avocado toast if you dine at a restaurant.

Why do avocados turn brown in restaurants?

Cover the avocado tightly with plastic wrap if not all of it was eaten at once. Ensure that the wrap touches the avocado. When squirted on top of the fruit, lemon juice will serve as a barrier from the oxygen.

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