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Mailung Khola Javidhyut Company Limited IPO

A Dysfunctional Meroshare At The Moment; CDSC Will Extend Mailung Khola Jalavidhyut Company’s IPO Deadline

Because of problems with Mero share, investors cannot apply for the IPO of Mailung Khola Jalavidhyut Company. Even though the IPO is nearing completion, there is no response from the official portal to submit applications.

CDSC spokesperson Suresh Neupane believes the problem lies with the government’s IT center, not Mero share. A problem with the central system is causing Mero share, as well as other websites, to be unavailable at the moment.

We will extend the deadline until CDSC has resolved the issue (if it is possible). CDSC cannot, at this time, provide a statement regarding when the project will be available or when the extension will expire since the issue has not yet been resolved.

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