International Youth Day 2021

international youth day 2021

The youth of the world are encouraged to organise activities to raise awareness of the situation of the youth in their countries. International Youth Day 2021 brings together governments and citizens around the world to identify and raise awareness of youth issues. This programme encourages youth to organise events and raise awareness from all over the world in their country.    

International Youth Day 2021 is a United Nations awareness day to highlight a number of cultural and legal issues related to the first international youth day on 12 August 2000. The Day is held every year on 12 August as an initiative to recognise the qualities of young people and the challenges facing young people today. The first Youth Day was based on recommendations made by the UN General Assembly at the World Conference of Ministers for Youth in Lisbon.    

The theme of the 2020 International Youth Day “Commitment to Youth and Global Action” aims to identify ways in which participation with young people on the local, national and global level can enrich national and multilateral institutions, by drawing lessons from which to improve youth representation and participation in formal institutional policies. In addition to the calendar of events, here is a summary of how the event was launched at UN level in 1998.

The main objective of the International Youth Days is to highlight the problems faced by youth and to protect their rights and freedoms from an international perspective. The idea of an international youth day was first proposed in 1991, when young people at the World Youth Forum in Vienna, Austria met in Vienna for the first meeting of the UN system’s Youth Forum.    

Youth Day is a chance for every nation to survey its speculation and obligation to youth and schooling. Its purpose is to inspire and encourage the Heads of State or Government of all countries to become aware of the problems associated with youth, so that the feelings of Youth Day can be passed on to the country’s political leaders and culture for future generations. The reason for choosing the theme for this year’s event is to highlight the impact of young people’s efforts to transform the food system.    

It ought to be a chance for governments and others to cause to notice youth issues. It is a show of studios, social occasions and gatherings including public and neighborhood government delegates and youth associations all throughout the planet. The theme aims to raise awareness of the need for inclusion between older and younger people who are committed to the idea of saving the planet.    

Permission to use public spaces for art exhibitions that present the challenges facing young people today and show how they can contribute to development. Association of youth gatherings to trade thoughts and talk about social foundations, to assist youth with tolerating other and advocate a culture of peacefulness.

This can be done by people who know and love the youth in their communities. Grab friends with similar passions and empower youth by launching awareness and support events. Take the opportunity to learn about local youth cultures, activities and education that affect the well-being of the next generation of humanity.

Recommendations include discussions with local politicians, business owners, governments, and business development sectors on how to work together to advance society. Youth should not only be seen as recipients and targets, but also as fundamental contributors and partners in the identification and implementation of new and innovative solutions and consistently implementing them to promote better agriculture, sustainable value chains for our planet and healthier lifestyles. New results can only be achieved by focusing on youth and setting priorities in such discussions.    

The initiative will draw young people’s attention to a specific issue, namely HIV / AIDS, as recent data from UNaid show that HIV prevalence among young people aged 15 to 21 has fallen by more than 25% in countries affected by the disease.    

The Resolution 2250 of the Security Council (Youth, Peace and Security) is an unprecedented recognition of the urgent need to recruit young peacemakers to promote peace and combat extremism and positions youth as an important partner in global efforts. The motto of the IYD 2020 is “Youth Engagement and Global Action.”. Every year on 12 August, the IYD celebrates a year that emphasises the importance of youth as human beings and as a driving force for change in the world.    

If you would like to use the logo of the International Year of Youth at your event, please read the guidelines on the logo and complete the disclaimer form that is provided for download. In 1965, the General Assembly approved the Declaration for Youth and the Ideals of Peace, Mutual Respect and Understanding between Peoples in Resolution 2037 / XX.

A goal announcing 12 August International Youth Day was embraced on 17 December 1999 at the primary meeting of the World Conference of Ministers for Youth in Portugal, coordinated in collaboration with the United Nations in 1998. The resolution recommended and approved was adopted by the UN General Assembly at its 54th session in its resolution entitled “Policies and programmes for youth inclusion”.    

Children aged six to 13 lack basic literacy and numeracy skills, and child poverty is a widespread problem. There is a divide between young people who are rich and their parents, who are neither rich nor poor and who are fighting for bread and butter. This is an international day of remembrance of the slave trade and its abolition.

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