Kulman Ghising Re-Appointments on NEA

Kulman Ghisingh re-appointed

Nepal Electricity Authority re-appoints Kulman Ghising as its managing director

A new Managing Director for the Nepal Electricity Authority has been appointed: Kulman Ghising. Ghising was appointed managing director of NEA in a cabinet meeting held on Monday.

After serving on Bhadra for four years, Gising stepped down from his post. In preparation for today, Ghising’s appointment letter will be sent by the ministry.

Throughout Nepal, Ghising was credited with ending load shedding. As a leader, he achieved great accomplishments in managing and planning that resulted in a functional end to the country’s hours-long power outages.

Ghising’s predecessors were accused of not being able to carry out many of the projects started before. When the new government was formed, the Prime Minister, Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda, and the Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation, Pampha Bhusal, made an agreement. Ghising was therefore given a second chance by the NEA.

Kulman Ghising has been appointed NEA’s new managing director, succeeding Hitendra Dev Shakya, who will hold the position of Energy Ministry director. Prior to this, Minister Pampha Bhusal had requested the resignation of NEA Shakya’s Managing Director. Shakya would receive appropriate responsibility from the government, and she was asked to stand down from her position.

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