Life after COVID19 – the smart virus ?

life after covid19

The world never imagined what was going to hit it. Lives were going on as they have been since the times our generation knew. COVID-19 came as that unimaginable force that struck the world with such an impact that the world, as we know it, might not recover for a long time. Our lives as we had known is perhaps no more, we would be bound with restrictions in days, months even years to come.

There have been numerous attempts at exploring the solution for this smart virus. Some have even claimed they have been successful. We will all be waiting for the day when we get to hear a confirmation as such. However, we also have to form a picture of another what if. What if we are not able to contain this deadly virus? What if we cannot discover a solution for this in our generation’s time? Despite the best of our attempts, such a scenario is highly possible. For the time being, we will have to introduce tougher curbs in our way of life.

Brand new habits
Social distancing is bound to be the new normal for our post-COVID lockdown lives. Our day-to-day activities like physical interactions with our friends, colleagues such as handshakes, hugs are to be replaced by our more traditional “Namaste”. Washing hands frequently and carrying pocket sanitizers when outdoors maybe another change. Going to restaurants and pubs to hang out with our friends has to be ceased for the time being (maybe we might see some new models of restaurants in operation maintaining social distancing!).

Importance of health care system
The COVID pandemic has opened a strong case for the undoubted importance in the health care system. What health facilities we have now is not enough; there will be an increase in investment in the public health care management system. Likewise, the pandemic situation has shed light on the real heroes of our community. Health workers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists are to be highly celebrated rather than our ‘so-called’ celebrities as in critical times like this, and they are the ones who really matter.

Travel restrictions
Possibly, we will not be getting to travel places like those that we used to before the pandemic for the time being. Gone are the days when traveling with our friends, going to new places for a vacation used to be an integral part of our lives. Vacationing might be within our area of access for now. Solitary travel, hikes may be the new normal for what we call a vacation. In the meantime, public travel will have to be kept limited, as travel as such will be too risky for an airborne infection like this.

Effect on businesses
The highest impact that COVID pandemic and the consequent lockdown has is on the economic sector. Most of the businesses have stalled in the lockdown, as a result, the economic crisis is booming. Shops, malls, restaurants, service businesses have been inoperative for months. The reopening of such businesses will need careful evaluation. Workplaces will need new operative structures, maintaining social distancing. Business companies will have to tweak their business models. Human contact and interaction will be minimized. Another likely scenario, digital commerce may rise, as the need for interaction minimizes.

Planting the seeds for a positive change
Despite all these restrictions and the need for tweaking our daily lives, we as humans are bound to come back stronger. Humans have always evolved. And, we will find a way to go on. This COVID pandemic is just another test that we humans have to go through. We will surely find the light at the end of this dark COVID-19 tunnel.

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