Bhairab Nath Temple

Bhairavnath Temple is one of the ancient and has the most importance in Bhaktapur. Bhairavnath Temple is a three-storeyed temple. It is located in the Taumadi square side by the Nyatapola temple, Nepal’s tallest temple of Pagoda style. Bhairavnath temple is also built-in pagoda style.

The story behind the Bhairavnath temple is once a man with a large body visits the Bhaktapur city to watch the Bisket Jatra. He was unique and tallest among the other people watching the Jatra. Later tantric observe that the man was a god Bhairab. Bhairab is a manifestation of Lord Shiva or a deity. Then the tantric tries to catch the man but it was extinct in the earth. Then Tantrik is just able to cut the head part. It is believed that the head of Bhairab is still in the Bhairavnath Temple.

Bhairab is a manifestation of Lord shiva or a deity, So there used to be more accidents in that area. So control the Bhairab, the tallest temple than Bhairab 5 storeyed temple of Siddhi Laxmi was build with this purpose.

There are multiple golden pinnacles at Bhairavnath Temple. A metal sculpture of Bhairab has existed on the ground floor of the temple so that the local people of Bhaktapur can worship God Bhairab easily at any time.

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