Wakupati Narayan Temple of Bhaktapur

Wakupati Narayan Temple has great importance in the people of Bhaktapur city. It is located at a little distance on the eastern of the Dattatraya temple. It has a lovely specimen of metalwork. This Narayan Temple is enclosed within a stone-paved courtyard.

Wakupati Narayan temple is a two-storied temple. It is also built in the pagoda style. This temple is dedicated to Lord Bishnu. It was built in 1667 AD. There are four Garudas(a bird vehicle of Lord Bishnu) at a single place in a row. There is an ancient stone tap inside the courtyard. There are many stone scriptures of God and Goddesses in the courtyard with the other temple.

There is a visit to a huge mass of people at Ekadashi. This the date of the Nepali calendar. It is believed that if people sit to the courtyard while visiting the temple, the back pain cured. So the people of Bhaktapur still believe and sit once they visit the temple.

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