Nyatapola Temple of Bhaktapur

Nyatapola Temple of Bhaktapur

Nyatapola Temple is also known as Nyatpol or 5 storied temple in the local language. It is located in Taumadi Square, the heart of the Bhaktapur District. It was built in 1702 AD with the 5 stories. Nyatapola Temple is Nepal’s tallest temple. It was build in pagoda style. Nyatapola temple is devoted to Goddess Siddhi Laxmi (the goddess of prosperity). This temple was built to control the Bhairav a manifestation of Lord Shiva or a deity that guards his home.

It is of 5 storied so it is named after the number of stories. In the local language, it is called Nyatapola which means there are 5 roofs. This temple has unique scriptures and unique woodcarving. The struts, doors, windows, and tympanums of this Nyatapola temple were decorated with carvings. There are two large stone sculptures of Jaiput wrestles Jaimal and Pata (also known as Kutuwa in the local language). There are 5 stages to go into the entrance of the template. In each stage, a power of strength is kept. After the stone statues of wresters, a pair of elephants are kept so it means elephants are ten times powerful than the wresters.

Similarly, a pair of lions and a pair of griffons at the top of a pair of tantric goddesses also known as Singhini and Toyahagrini are kept. This unique structure makes the Nyatapola temple in high importance. This temple was not destroyed from the earthquake 1990 BS and 2045 BS. But the latest Earthquake of 2072 BS makes some cracks in the temple.

This Nyatapola template is a unique example of art and carvings. So most of the tourists from the Internal and International level visit the Taumadi square to see and capture the image of the Nyatapola template.

आज मिति २०७८ असार २७ पाँचतले मन्दिरकाे जन्मदिन (ङातापाेल्हं देगया बुसदांँ)
शिध्दीलक्ष्मी देविकाे पुजा गरि गजुरमा झण्डाेतलन गरिन्छ |
भक्तपुरको विश्व प्रसिद्ध पाँंचतले मन्दिर आइतबारबाट ३२० वर्षमा प्रवेश |
Photo: Yakamis

Nyatapola temple

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