Dattatraya Temple of Bhaktapur

Dattatraya Temple of Bhaktapur

Dattatraya is the combined incarnation of three supreme gods of Hinduism. Gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwar (also known as shiva or Mahadev in Nepali) are combined known as Dattatraya. Dattatraya Temple is located at the Tachapal tole of Bhaktapur. It was built in 1427 Ad by King Yakshya Malla. And King Raja Malla which is dedicated to God Dattatraya. It is believed that the whole temple was built by the wood of a single tree.

Dattatraya Temple was build in two stages. Before the only, a two-storied temple was built, and later on, it was reconstructed. It has a unique architectural design and intricate woodcarvings. The figure of Dattatraya can be seen overlooking the square, a way of giving good is watching all of us from the central window of the second floor.

Dattatraya Temple

At the entrance of Dattatraya Temple, two large stone sculptures of Jaiput wrestles (also known as Kutuwa in the local language). Two wrestlers are known as Jaimala and Pata as in the Nyatapola temple (5 storied temples). By the side of these sculptures, a conch and a “Chakra” (a weapon of God Vishnu) are displayed in a high stone pillar. A statue of Garuda (known as the vehicle of God Vishnu) is positioned at the front of the temple in a stone pillar. A big circle well is build side by the temple. There is a story that the Dattatraya temple is built over a river. So there is ditch(pit) of stone in the northeast corner. If you put ears, you can able to listen to the water flowing.

Tachapal is also known as the Dattatraya Square from the name of the temple. There are architectural windows and buildings with great woodcarvings. Different restaurants and shops of architectural design can be found in the square. Two galleries of wood and metals are there at the back of the Dattatraya temple. A well known Peacock window is at the way back to the temple is located.

old photo of Dattatraya Temple of Bhaktapur

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